How Carrie Used Her Side Hustle To Replace Her Day Job In Just 4 Months!

It’s no secret that side hustles are a great way to generate extra income. Whether you’re trying to eliminate debt faster or just putting money away for the future in your spare time, more money coming in is never a bad thing. What’s even better is if you can find a side hustle — or several — that’s so lucrative, you can quit the 9 to 5 and strike out as an entrepreneur full-time. If you have the time and effort, then you’re already on your way to making your passion or hobby into a career!

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, our good friend Carrie Olsen is sitting down with us to talk about her experience and incredible success with side hustling. Carrie, a wife and mom of two, is now totally self-employed as a voice over artist and wants to tell us all about how she was able to quit her 8 to 5 job and completely replace her full-time income with her side hustle, in just 4 months!

Of course, Carrie was no stranger to a microphone. Podcasting with her husband and creating online courses, she was already doing voice over work without even really realizing it. Dissatisfied with her current career, when she stumbled upon a podcast interview of another voice over artist, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and she immediately saw potential for an exciting new side hustle. Little did she know how lucrative it could really be!

Carrie quickly learned that voice-over work is more than just radio commercials and cartoon characters, and within the next few months, was booking enough jobs to quit her job and make it her career. Part-time or full-time, voice over work isn’t for everyone, but Carrie has learned the ins and outs of the business and is eager to share her tips and advice so YOU can get started on your own journey too!

Check out Carrie’s online voice acting program HERE or more info!


  • How Carrie built and grew her voice over business
  • Ways you can get started on your own side hustle, and break into voice acting
  • The importance of investing in your side hustle
  • Common mistakes people make when breaking into voice acting
  • Tips and tricks for improving your voice over skills, and the importance of training



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How Carrie Used Her Side Hustle To Replace Her Day Job In Just 4 Months