How Devon Paid Off $47,000 Of Debt In 1 Year!

Student loans are everywhere. Whether you’re still in school or already graduated, you’re probably harboring some student loan debt that’s getting in the way. A high percentage of students leave college averaging $35-$40,000 in student loans. This debt might seem like a permanent fixture in your life that just isn’t going away, but it doesn’t have to be! With some sacrifices, diligence, and keeping focused on your goals, you can make your student loans a thing of the past and open up the financial freedom to kickstart your life on YOUR terms!

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we’ve called in Devon Horace to share his experiences and incredible debt free journey. Since moving to Portland, Oregon from New York City, Devon’s been living the life he’s always wanted for himself. But to do that, first, he had to shed his baggage: debt. $37,238.38 in student loans AND $10,000 in moving costs tallied up to a whopping $47,238.38 debt that Devon wasted no time busting wide open – in one year!

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As a young black man from Rochester, raised as one of eight in a single parent household, Devon felt the need to prove himself as being able to make it and put his ambitions into action. But after graduating college, he didn’t like the idea that his hard-earned money didn’t belong to him, so he decided it was time to make a change. He went all in to pay off his debt as soon as possible!

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The initial reaction from friends and family was less than supportive, but as Devon documented his debt free journey on social media, everyone could see what hard work can really achieve. From selling his possessions for extra cash and eating pasta for a year straight to cut down basic needs, Devon’s sacrifices paid off – he’s now living debt-free, and you can too!

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  • Breaking down your debt and dividing your long-term goal into small victories.
  • The importance of taking inventory of your debt and write out a list by hand.
  • Handy apps to aid you in your debt free journey.
  • Determining needs vs. wants and asset vs. liability.
  • Getting into the mindset to tackle your debt once and for all.


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