More Than Just Making It with Erin Odom

Financial frustration does not need to last forever. People experience it for many different reasons.  On this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we have Erin Odom talking about how she and her family struggled because of financial problems due to the recession and its aftermath. How did Erin and her family experience financial freedom and become able to help other people with their challenges?

Erin and her husband were working with when they lost their jobs due to the economic recession. They needed to cross countries and do odd jobs because they were barely making it. Erin’s husband, who was working as a Public school teacher, also had to work at odd jobs because they needed to make ends meet.

Erin was ashamed of being low income. God exposed the pride in her heart that that she did not know was there. Growing up in a privileged home, she had the misconception that government aid is for lazy people until she experienced need herself. She realized that some are born into poverty and cannot get out. Her family reached the point of hitting rock bottom until they reached the point of redemption because of her faith.

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Most people who experience financial frustration because of income problems, spending problems, or both. To resolve it, you must discover the root cause. Don’t get burned out. If you feel the pressure of keeping up with the Jones, then you need to break up with the Jones.

Figure out how you can create more income. Go to the church and ask for benevolence funds. Apply for government assistance if you cannot keep up with your basic everyday needs.

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Consider a career change, too. Moms need to go to work at night taking part-time jobs to earn more money. Look at your different skills, gifts, passions, interests, and how you can use them to start a business. Erin loves writing so she started blogging. She knew someone who loves drawing and used this skill to start a face painting business. You can offer virtual assistance. Erin rose from the pit she and her family were in because God changed the situation around.


  • How Erin and her family rose from the pit of recession.
  • How important faith in God is.
  • The reasons you feel financial frustration.
  • What you can do to get out of the pit you are in right now.
  • Is it important to keep your pride?
  • Great words of encouragement from Erin for families struggling with financial frustration.



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