How Michael and Sonya Paid Off $119,000 Of Debt In Just 11 Months!

Something that we love here on The His & Her Money Show is highlighting couples who have taken the plunge into financial freedom and come out on top, and are coming out to share their stories. Eliminating debt is a long-term commitment, and as with any major lifestyle change, relationships and families can prosper or weaken (or both) during the process of eliminating debt. But no matter how long the tunnel, the rewards at the end are more than worth it, and couples can enjoy financial freedom stronger than ever before!

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we’re excited to share our conversation with Michael and Sonya Pope. This incredible smart money couple is a wealth of invaluable information, resources, and practical tips and tricks for any couple or individual starting our on your financial journey. When they decided to grab financial freedom by the horns and destroy their debt once and for all, they exceeded even their own expectations: through faith, perseverance, and unity, they paid off a whooping $119,000 in debt in just 11 months!

Michael and Sonya were paying off two mortgages, two cars, held 8 credit card accounts and a personal loan, and were falling back on credit as their emergency fund. When tax season rolled around, that’s when they decided it was time to make a big change in their financial lifestyle. Sonya had always been more conscientious on the budgeting side, but Michael was more reluctant to take the step. When his mindset changed, however, they became a powerful united front against debt.

Following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FSU) and implementing God’s laws of prosperity, they executed their plan to a T — cutting out excess costs, staying motivated, and even bringing in some extra cash on the side. Along the way, they’ve planted the seed in their 3 boys, instilling smart money habits and preparing them to manage money responsibly. And their efforts have paid off tremendously — the Popes are now living completely debt free!

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  • Struggles that Michael and Sonya overcame during their journey to financial freedom
  • The importance of unity within a relationship, especially when tackling debt
  • Ways they’re preparing their kids for their own financial futures
  • The DRIVE acronym that Michael and Sonya took on during their debt free journey
  • How their relationship evolved during the process and came out even stronger



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