How Touya Became Debt Free After Being Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness

Rock bottom is never the ideal place to begin your journey to destroy debt and gain financial freedom, but sometimes that’s just the way things turn out. Life throws plenty of hurdles at you along the way and the process can seem daunting, or maybe even hopeless, but the important thing to do is to make a plan, stick to it, stay focused, and stay in the fight. Whether eliminating your debt once and for all takes months or even years, the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it!

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk with Touya Kelley, who definitely had some hoops to jump through when she and her husband started out on their debt free journey. But anything’s possible if you put your mind to it, and Touya is living proof: with hard work, faith, and dedication, she and her husband are now totally debt free, and today she’s here to pay it forward and tell us how she went from once getting 22 bills in one month to destroying their $60,000 debt in less than two years!

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Debt had been steadily implementing itself into Touya’s life, with credit cards, car payments, and personal loans piling up until she realized that it had practically taken over. Soon enough, she and her husband were deciding between paying off bills and buying food, and then they reached the turning point: Touya was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had to leave her job. Going from two incomes to one was a massive financial hit and they knew they needed to make a change, and fast. So immediately they got to work budgeting and finding ways to cut back, save, and pay off as soon as possible.

And it worked! Eliminating vacations and things like unused cable packages and gym memberships, Touya and her husband were finding money each month to work towards their goal. Touya even took a dive into entrepreneurship and started her own side business, selling jewelry to the local church ladies, and the family began unloading possessions for extra cash. Keeping on top of smart money management and staying focused, they’re now able to enjoy financial freedom and fully take advantage of what life has to offer! You can stay in touch with Touya at her website


  • The importance of teamwork between couples tackling debt, and how Touya and her husband made it work
  • Different ways Touya and her husband cut costs and found extra money
  • Handling friends and family who might discourage your debt free journey
  • The moment Touya’s faith pointed her in the right direction to start working toward financial freedom



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How Touya Became Debt Free After Being Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness!