How to Become a Money Making Mom With Crystal Paine

A mom’s role within a family in itself is complex; to try and financially help the family out can at times make things even more perplexing. With the many daily tasks a mom has to handle, and with limited time to aid for more income, what is there that a mom could do?

We bring many success stories to help people get feel related, get inspired, and more educated to live a more successful life. On this episode of The His & Her Money Show, we hope to deliver them all to our audience. Our special guest, Crystal Paine, shares with us her life story to success and provide us with a lot of inspiring and educating moments, we believe many people would relate to.

Inspired by her family background, Crystal and her husband started their lives with a hard-lined goal of keeping themselves off debt. Becoming a mom, Crystal faced tough financial challenges that often tempted them to get into debt. Instead, Crystal and her husband persevered with their goal in mind, and got more and more creative with their means of living frugally.

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Crystal and her husband may have wisdom and education as their foundation but they had to work hard to get to the success they are enjoying now. However, Crystal’s activities multiplied that she had to reassess her procedures in order to spend more quality time for herself and her family. Crystal says, “Your work expands to the time that you give it,” as she shares examples of how some activities may, in fact, not be financially beneficial yet consumes time.

Crystal informs us of the many things to consider when trying to discover what goals we are aiming to achieve, and ways to utilize the tools we already have in order to achieve it. Crystal enumerates and explains the keywords and exercise we need for discovering what we may be passionate about.

Crystal is very passionate about helping families get their finances in order, lower their budget, and increase their income along with increasing their impact to the world, which is why she wrote the book: Money-Making Mom. She created the Money Saving Mom website to share her knowledge, helping families have wise money-management and live a life with purpose. Crystal will also be opening the Your Blogging Mentor which is aimed to help aspiring bloggers become more successful at their craft.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How today’s parents’ financial management could greatly impact the next generations.
  • How Crystal turned financial challenges into a game.
  • How to use fear to your advantage.
  • Why Crystal thinks “balance” is a myth.
  • The things to do when your spouse is not on board with your ideas.
  • How to avoid becoming a slave to your business.
  • Why saying “no,” may open up to saying “yes,” on things that gives you joy.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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How to Become a Money Making Mom